In addition to working with Salon and Spa Business Owners, Tamara works with salon industry manufacturers, distributors, and other industry professionals, to assist businesses in achieving success in implementing eco-friendly initiatives without having to create their own sustainability department. Services are provided for the following:

Creating your website's "Sustainability Profile" - What are the Benefits of having a sustainability profile? Higher business value! / Higher investor interest! Many business websites are missing the valued sustainability component or worse, their website makes statements that do not truly reflect a solid sustainability path. Tamara will close the gap between thinking about operating sustainably and actually taking the first steps. She can help where sustainability efforts are STUCK and increase involvement from all departments to support companywide engagement. The ultimate goal is to create or improve the company's Sustainability Profile.

·   Speaking Engagements – NAEFSS teaches the concepts of sustainability at large tradeshow venues as well as more intimate classroom settings. Salon/Spa Professionals, Vendors and anyone interested in learning how to save money, lower their environmental impact, and attract more clients will benefit by learning more about implementing sustainable business strategies.

Corporate Operational Consulting & Strategic Sustainability Planning  - NAEFSS offers operational consulting services to businesses who want to understand what the word “Sustainability” means in today’s context, as well as how it directly relates to their individual business model. Individualized consulting projects outline the process of creating a Strategic Sustainability Plan with key department heads. NAEFSS also offers strategic sustainability planning services for businesses that do not have specific department heads willing or able to deal with the complexities of setting up the company’s plan. Goals for strategic sustainability planning include:

  1. Creating an atmosphere of conscious sustainability
  2. Providing a clear concise roadmap for implementing sustainability initiatives
  3. Monitor and managing waste, energy efficiency and water consumption
  4. Actively seeking out green technologies, suppliers, and products
  5. Document progress for monthly staff meetings and or annual reports


Contact Tamara to make arrangements specific to your needs.