One Salon Project

As an eco-preneur and owner of an eco-friendly hair salon and salon franchise, I have been extremely skeptical about the plethora or environmental certifications that are available today. For many of these all you need to do is complete a very brief application, pay a few bucks and you are certified. This is not the case with the certification process provided by the National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas (NAEFSS). If you are serious about certifying your salon or spa, then I recommend this certification over all others. This is the only certification I have completed that made our team look seriously at everything we do within our business, not just how we cover our walls or floors. This is not a simple certification. It will challenge you and your team but if you believe in raising the bar of your salon or spa, then this is the ONLY certification I personally recommend committing too. We have also been very pleased with the press we have received since receiving this certification. We at Splish believe the time is now for all salons to raise the bar of eco-awareness and acquiring this certification is a great start to accomplishing just that. Matt Walsh Co-Founder/President Splish Salon Systems, Inc. One Salon Project

Matt Walsh