Let your space, be "the place"

Many people find it’s difficult to Go Green.  It’s really not, there’s no such thing as being Green, it’s an ever changing process.  We all just take one step at a time; make it the norm, then move on to another.

While you are on the path of sustainability, figuring out for yourselves just what makes your business green, I’d like to propose helping others while you help yourself.  Let your space, be "The Place!"  What I mean by this is be the place your customers go to recycle their, batteries, light bulbs, etc. 

Your guests know they’re not supposed to throw these things in the trash but hate to go out of their way for just one item.  By becoming a collection center for one or more of these things you help out your guests, by giving them a place to drop off while having their service, AND you reinforce your public image as an eco-friendly salon and spa.


Let’s make it easy for everyone for dispose of waste the safest way!