The introduction of Microgrids*

At a time when power generation was concentrated, the Macro grid, supplying electricity from large fossil-fuel plants nonstop made sense. Today it inhibits the flow of society to transition into clean energy produced everywhere.  The Microgrid combines solar, wind, in-stream hydro and biomass into localized groups distributing energy available to remote regions as well as high-income, energy-rich locales.

Microgrids offer protection from financial risks caused by energy blackouts in developed countries, as well as social risks which include increased crime, food waste, and transportation failure. These grids can be used to focus on critical loads required by hospitals until energy from the Macro grid can be restored.

Localized systems are easier to establish in low-income countries due to the absence of energy monopolies. Studies show human development is directly correlated to electrification and the fact that all human beings can begin to benefit from a power source most take for granted is a hopeful prospect.

With a strong sense of community and connectedness, a partnership of Macro and Microgrid technology will increase prosperity and peace between nations.

* (Note: Information for this post came directly from the book “Drawdown” Edited by Paul Hawken)


So I know you’re thinking…this is great but how does it apply to my personal and business energy use. I’m glad you asked. Research your energy provider and find out what kind of options there are to receive your energy from renewable resources. In my area the program is called “Green Power” and the costs are less than $2 per month. If this is done for the salon/spa business location it is considered a social responsibility act and is worth a point toward Certification! To learn more about Certification go to