The Eco-Friendly Hairstyle Challenge!

Sustainability that Directly Relates to Your Creative Side! 

April is Earth Month, or at least it’s the month that holds Earth Day.  In honor of this time of year and the beginning of new spring fashions, I’d like to throw out a challenge. Create an Eco-Friendly Hairstyle! 

The first thing you have to do is define an Eco-Friendly Hairstyle. Is it a style that doesn’t require the use of styling appliances like dryers or irons, making it energy efficient?  Or is it a style that works best with one of your favorite organic or natural ingredient styling products, making it better for personal health and the ecosystem when washed down the drain?


An Eco-Friendly Hairstyle doesn’t have to be a style independent of professional upkeep. Let your imagination go wild, it’s what you do best!  Many people complain that they simply cannot be environmentally friendly when it comes to their hair.  It’s up to you, the professional, to show them the way.

Create a buzz and keep the momentum of Earth Day living into the months that follow.

     Showcase your latest eco-hairstyle in community newspapers. Ask clients and the community to vote for their favorite.

     Offer a sample size of your new environmentally friendly new hair care line to those who come into your salon to vote.

     Promote your creative and talented staff by getting your clients and community to vote for their favorite eco-style


Let’s take another step toward being a little Greener.  Send NAEFSS your photos with stylist and salon information so we can showcase your efforts!