Climate Change - Change is Good

I’m not saying Climate change or global warming is good. But let’s face it; the only constant in life is change. So let’s not freak out about where we are, let’s focus on where we are going.

  • Yes, we all took part to some degree in depleting the earth’s natural resources as well as producing toxic waste.
  • Yes, we all ignored over 30 years worth of warnings by scientist and environmentalists about where our current habits would lead.
  • Yes, up until just recently, we didn’t feel the urgency to act, change habits, or explore new technologies.

But that was then and this is now. The world has changed; survival is Earth’s most basic instinct. We can resist change, which will only result in the persistence of change, or we can change old habits, develop new ones and heal our environment. Don’t beat yourself up over the past; it impedes the progress of a new beginning.

You see if we all make some degree of change, the impact would be immense. These changes are not difficult just different from what we are used to. In a very short while we can form new habits, and make room for new technology to improve our environment.

Don’t be fooled, this won’t happen overnight. There will be methods that seem good on paper, but may not work so well for the environment overall. There are some areas of change when we think we are doing what is best for the environment only to find out we have damaged it in some other way.

Take recycled paper for instance. We believe by purchasing recycled paper we are supporting an industry that helps divert paper from landfills This is true, but if you are looking for a high quality white paper the process of de-inking and prepping the paper to be remade posses toxic waste disposal issues. Is it better in the case of fulfilling the demand for print quality paper to change from purchasing recycled paper to choosing paper derived from FSC certified sustainable forests? These are just some of the bugs we will work out along the way to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

I don’t think any of us are expecting a quick fix. It is like trying to lose weight. If you change some lifestyle habits to something you are not going to incorporate into your daily life the effects of your changes will not last for very long. Persistence and commitment in small steps will get us where we want to be. Do you see a recurring word throughout this article? It is the word CHANGE. Remember, it is truly the only constant in life and yes change is good!

Written by: Tamara Jercha

National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas

President & Founder, LEED AP